1.8 bln tenge was saved when purchasing orphan drugs for 2018
05 December 2017
1.8 bln tenge was saved when purchasing orphan drugs for 2018

According to the results of tender procedures for procurement of orphan drugs for 2018, the Single Distributor purchased 20 names of medicines for the treatment of rare diseases for the amount of 4.2 billion tenge.

During the auction, it was possible to save 1.8 billion tenge, in comparison with the initial amount planned for this amount of drugs.

During the tender, suppliers were determined who will supply orphan preparations to the population of the country in 2018. The winners of the tender were the companies that offered the lowest price during the auction to lower prices.

The purchased medicines will be used to treat patients with oncology, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune and hematological diseases.

In accordance with the Rules of Procurement of Medicines approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on October 30, 2009 No. 1729, the drugs are purchased under an international non-proprietary name on the list approved by the order of the Minister of Health, where, in addition to the names and dosages of medicines, the price limit for each medicine and medical products, based on which the starting price for the auction is formed.

To ensure transparency and openness of procurement, the procedure was broadcast online on the Internet resource and the official Facebook account of a Single Distributor.

A source: SK-Pharmaceuticals, LLP Press service