Humanitarian assistance

SK-Pharmacy LLP is defined as a single operator for receiving humanitarian aid.

A single distributor acts as a recipient of all incoming humanitarian aid, in coordination with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan forms an order for the uniform distribution of medical products between medical organizations and ensures the transportation of goods coming from benefactors to medical organizations of the country.

From the moment SK-Pharmacy received the status of a single operator for charitable assistance, the company developed a pre-notification model, according to which all documents for humanitarian cargo sent to the country will be sent before the departure of the aircraft from the sending country.

The new model of preliminary information will allow in real time, during the flight of the cargo, to get all the necessary permits, order, and start shipping the arrived aid literally "from the wheels".

Such effective cooperation is possible only with the full support of all structures involved in sending and receiving humanitarian aid – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Customs Service, air transport companies, airports and akimats. All these agencies are ready to meet halfway in order to optimize the processes as much as possible for the possibility of receiving humanitarian cargo as soon as possible.

The agencies have formed lists of responsible persons who are in charge of humanitarian aid issues in order to ensure the prompt receipt of much – needed medicines, medical devices and personal protective equipment for doctors to the end user-hospitals involved in the fight against coronavirus infection.

To ensure transparency in the distribution of humanitarian aid, all relevant information will be updated in this section.

Information on the distribution of received humanitarian aid between regions as of February 23, 2021 is provided in the document at the link.


Information on the distribution of humanitarian aid in the context of health organizations as of February 23, 2021, is provided in the document at the link.

Distribution of humanitarian aid in the context of regions for 2020