On July 4, at the site of the East Kazakhstan Regional Specialized Medical Center, a working meeting was held between the Managing Director and Member of the Board of the Single Distributor Mukan Oteuov and the heads of medical organizations in the East Kazakhstan region.

During the meeting, the parties discussed topical issues of drug supply and equipping medical organizations with medical equipment. Locally, aspects such as drug accounting, accounts receivable and improved drug planning were touched upon.

In the East Kazakhstan region, as part of the provision of inpatient and outpatient medical care, 48 medical organizations are provided through the Single Distributor, 9 of them are located in villages.

Particular attention was paid to the issue of receivables, which is an important financial component of the Single Distributor. All this together affects the timely purchase and supply of medicines throughout the country. Since the Single Distributor purchases in advance, that is, drugs for the next year are purchased in the current year.

During a heated discussion, the medical activists of the region voiced the problematic aspects of the medical supply system. One of these was the failure to purchase drugs due to the lack of proposals from potential suppliers. In this case, it was clarified that every effort is being made by the Single Distributor to resolve such problems. Thus, medicines from the carry-over stock are shipped to the region, and issues of repeated procurement procedures are being comprehensively worked out.

In addition, the importance of planning and mastering applications by medical organizations was noted. Recall that medical organizations themselves determine their need for the names of medicines, volumes and delivery schedule. The purchase and supply of drugs by the Single Distributor is carried out on the basis of these applications.

Equipping medical organizations in the region with medical equipment remains a key issue. In today's realities, the life and health of a patient depends not only on the knowledge and experience of a doctor, but also on accurate analyzes and studies of medical equipment. Therefore, for high-quality treatment of patients, it is necessary to equip medical institutions with modern diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic equipment through the effective functioning of the medical equipment market and the availability of a list of bona fide suppliers.

The representative of the Single Distributor, in turn, told the meeting participants in more detail about the centralized purchase of medical equipment through the single distribution system. As part of the centralized procurement of medical equipment on the basis of the Single Distributor in 2023, it is planned to purchase 593 units of medical equipment worth over 20 million tenge. To date, 27 have already been purchased. Medical organizations of the East Kazakhstan region submitted 8 applications for the purchase of medical equipment to the Single Distributor.

It was also noted that work is currently underway with global manufacturers of medical equipment to develop mechanisms for centralization, including on the basis of localization of production. In order to fruitfully interact with the global medical industry and find effective ways to localize the production of medical equipment from recognized brands in Kazakhstan, state support measures are being created.

Along with this, the participants were introduced to life cycle contracts. In other words, this is a transaction that includes a full range of works: project development, operation, repair and disposal. As part of the instruction of the Head of State, a new procurement mechanism was approved in the draft Rules for the Procurement of Medical Equipment - the purchase of medical equipment with an extended service life.

During the meeting, the heads of medical organizations of the East Kazakhstan region voiced a number of questions and proposals aimed at improving the system of medical supply in the region. Some of them concerned drugs that were not purchased due to low marginal prices. It should be noted that the formation of marginal prices for medicines is not within the competence of the Single Distributor, however, systematic work is underway to conduct repeated procurement procedures.

Summing up the event, the Managing Director, a member of the Board of the Single Distributor, thanked all the participants of the meeting for their interest, which helps to identify the pressing problems of drug provision, and noted that each proposal will be considered by the Single Distributor.

The final stage of the working trip was a visit to medical institutions of the East Kazakhstan region. Thus, the representative of the Single Distributor was acquainted with the existing fleet and the state of medical equipment of the Regional Phthisiopulmonology Center and the multidisciplinary Center for Oncology and Surgery, as well as plans for the prospects for the implementation of the Modernization Program.

Employees of medical organizations, for their part, expressed the effectiveness of holding such meetings and their readiness for joint fruitful cooperation on the tasks set. Thus, bilateral work will open up broad prospects for healthcare in Kazakhstan and give a new impetus to the development of the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Источник: Пресс-служба ТОО "СК-Фармация"

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