At the site of the Single Distributor "SK-Pharmacy" a meeting was held with representatives of the Trade Policy Development Center "QazTrade" JSC represented by General Director Nuraly Bukeikhanov and Deputy General Director Aibek Sagynaev.

One of the goals of creating a Single Distributor is to support and develop domestic pharmaceutical production in Kazakhstan, including building up an export potential.

Promotion of export products is an important element of business support for the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The task is to develop current initiatives of entrepreneurs and search for new markets for domestic products.

The head of state has repeatedly stressed the importance of intensifying foreign trade activities and promoting Kazakh products to foreign markets, emphasizing the need to regulate the export of basic food products to ensure the domestic market. He noted that it is necessary to continue work on diversifying the economy, expanding the range of manufactured goods and the geography of exports.

“The world is moving towards the greening of industry and the economy. Today, these are no longer just words, but specific decisions in the form of taxes, duties, technical regulation measures. We cannot stand aside - all this affects us directly through exports, investments and technology transfer. This, without any exaggeration, is a matter of sustainable development of Kazakhstan,” the President said.

In order to implement the export acceleration program for Kazakhstani manufacturers, aimed at increasing export potential and expanding foreign trade, SK-Pharmacia and QazTrade signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation.

In particular, cooperation involves the promotion of domestic medicines, medical devices and medical equipment to foreign markets.

The parties intend to develop a partnership to create conditions for increasing the competitiveness of domestic producers, searching for potential export markets and promoting medicines, medical devices and medical equipment to foreign sites.

QazTrade, relying on its professional activities and competence, is ready to assist in the study and identification of barriers to trade in foreign markets, protect national interests within the WTO and the EAEU, and also take part in the implementation of the country's trade policy.

The above goals are planned to be achieved through a number of activities, analysis of foreign markets, interaction with domestic, foreign and international organizations, development of recommendations for improving the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the exchange of information and experience.

Also, during the meeting, representatives of QazTrade held a presentation for domestic manufacturers on the protection and promotion of the interests of domestic business. Earlier, at the initiative of SK-Pharmacy, a training seminar was already held by QazTrade to widely inform domestic manufacturers of the pharmaceutical industry on the reimbursement of part of export costs.

QazTrade assists with step-by-step instructions for filing an application through the portal, in order to avoid possible mistakes by exporters and related issues in the correct direction of applications for reimbursement of costs.

To encourage domestic exporters to produce high value-added goods, the government has adopted a package of amendments that provides for cost recovery for high value-added goods and a share of local content.

Currently, the state compensates part of the cost of transporting goods, advertising and participation in exhibitions to Kazakhstani exporting manufacturers. Financial support will also be directed to the maintenance of representative offices, retail space, warehouses and retail shelves abroad. In addition, manufacturers will be reimbursed for part of the costs of trademark registration procedures, obtaining permits for franchising and certification and accreditation.

Representatives of SK-Pharmacy, in turn, spoke about the system of single distribution, the development of the pharmaceutical industry and the transition to a centralized purchase of medical equipment and localization of production as part of a 5-year equipment program.

It should be noted that the measure of support in the pharmaceutical industry by the Single Distributor is provided in the form of long-term contracts. Currently, there are 100 long-term contracts concluded with 36 domestic producers for the supply of 4,672 medicines.

Thus, manufacturers of medicines and medical devices in Kazakhstan have the opportunity to launch a new or modernize existing production thanks to a guaranteed ten-year state order for pharmaceutical products. In addition, At the moment, the Single Distributor is attracting global players to the domestic market. The issue of localizing the production of BigPharma medicines on the basis of Kazakhstani manufacturers is being actively worked out. Cooperation agreements have already been signed with global pharmaceutical companies F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer. Negotiations are underway with AstraZeneca, Bayer, Takeda Pharmaceutical and South Korean companies.

Based on the results of the negotiations, it is planned to create a focus group to support domestic manufacturers to enter foreign markets. To do this, a special chat will be created for prompt interaction with stakeholders, including with the participation of industry associations.

At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed their readiness for close cooperation, which will result in the formation of a positive image of domestic brands and the development of the country's pharmaceutical sector, as well as holding local meetings on specific initiatives and areas.


QazTrade Trade Policy Development Center JSC studies and identifies topical issues of the nationwide trading system and takes an active part in the implementation of the country's trade policy. It has a history of operation since 2006, institutional memory and has established itself as a key research company in Kazakhstan in the field of trade and economic relations.

Source: Press Service of SK-Pharmacy LLP
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